Sunday, 7 July 2019

Police To Arraign Senator Abbo On Criminal Charges

   Following his invitation by the police authorities a few days ago, Senator Elisha Abbo is set to be arraigned in court on criminal charges this week.

   Sources within the police, while confirming development said the Senator’s woes were already compounded after admitting he committed the offence. It was gathered that the police would have on Friday arraigned him but for an attempt to retrieve original footage of the video from the sex top shop in Abuja where the incident occurred.

    According to the source, the shop owner was not available as at the time of police invitation. It was learnt that police detectives had been able to establish a prima facie case against the lawmaker.

  Apart from the evidence deduced from the video, which showed Abbo repeatedly slapping his victim for intervening in an argument between him and the shop owner, other evidence has been established against him. A source within the police confirmed that the Senator would be in court to show that police does not tolerate gender violence in any form regardless of the social status of the perpetrator.

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